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Document Review

For certain types of agreements (often shorter, or more routine paperwork), we are able to offer a more streamlined service.

Rather than manage the whole process from start to finish for you, we simply and swiftly:

  1. review the agreement for you;
  2. provide you with plain-english notes and guidance;
  3. give you the tools to proceed with the paperwork with confidence;
  4. Provide simple follow up advice and guidance;
  5. Review final drafts before you sign.

Our Document Review service is useful for things like:

  • Short term recording deals, i.e. singles or EPs;
  • Featured artist agreements;
  • TV/Film licensing;
  • Production / mixing / re-mixing agreements;

If you’ve been sent a draft agreement, please use the form below to send this to us.

We will take an initial look, confidentially, and without charge or obligation, and then arrange a quick call to talk you through how our Document Review Service works in practice, and to provide a straightforward fixed-fee quote for carrying out the work.