Terms & Conditions

We understand that sometimes nagging questions can get in the way of the creative process. There can be a tendency for these to questions to go unanswered for weeks, months, sometimes years.

We're keen to remove some of the barriers to asking those questions.

Some example queries for our Diagnostics service might include:

  • “Am I out of my deal yet?”
  • “When do I get my rights back?”
  • “Can I record on another label whilst I’m in this deal?”
  • “Do I need to clear this sample?”

If you have a burning question which you think we could help with, please use the form below, to provide us with the information we’ll need in order to look into it for you. 

We’ll take an initial look and arrange a time to discuss this with you. All such initial queries are in strictest confidence, and without charge or obligation.

Often, a quick call and an informal professional opinion can put your mind at ease. If this is the case, you won’t be charged for our initial thoughts. If further investigation is needed, we’ll give you clear guidance on how long that is likely to take, and what it will cost.