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For some of our busiest clients, the sheer volume of paperwork can start to seem overwhelming.

So we’ve developed systems where we work alongside you to process and track all of that work, in real-time. Slashing how long it takes to turnaround and complete agreements, reducing backlogs, and giving you complete peace of mind.

We're well known for our work with independent artists, but our Dedicated service may also be particularly suited to:

  • A-list record producers working on dozens of projects a year; 
  • Publishers who need a hand processing a high volume of third party licenses; 
  • Record labels with an overflow of producer, mixer and featured artist agreements;
  • Management companies dealing with numerous artist agreements and ad hoc queries;

With this type of ongoing work, we are also able to offer significant cost savings.

If you think you might benefit from this type of service, please get in touch to see how we can help.