Deal Management

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Deal Management

The vast majority of work which we do falls into this category. So we are continuously honing, codifying and perfecting this process.

This means we can offer unprecedented levels of value and efficiency, without ever compromising on our professional standards, or personal service.

From initial enquiry, to signed agreements, we have broken the process down into a series of distinct steps (from initial instructions to fully signed agreement), so that we can keep every deal on track, regardless of size or scope.

Our Deal Management service is frequently used for:

  • Recording Agreements;
  • Publishing Agreements;
  • Management Agreements;
  • Endorsement deals;
  • Distribution deals;
  • Producer deals;

If you’ve been sent a draft agreement or a summary of terms already, please feel free to send these to us, using the form below. 

We will take an initial look, confidentially, and without charge or obligation, and then arrange a quick call to advise on next steps and likely costs.