In business, like they say, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Jay Z, Decoded, 2010

We run courses, tailored specifically to the music and creative industries, which provide the skills to help you negotiate better, and with greater confidence.

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Negotiate better. Find hidden value. Enrich relationships.

Richard Hoare & Andrew Gummer

We negotiate constantly. In work, and in life. As we try to get the ‘best deal’, it can feel like a tug of war – without the fun. Yet what if the process was more collaborative, and even laid the foundations for a strong future relationship?

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I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I feel much better equipped to deal with future negotiations, especially the trickier ones! And it was great to meet people from across the music industry who, whilst all having different experiences of negotiation in the past, approached the course with equal enthusiasm.

Cath Edwards Label Manager, The Sixteen Productions Ltd

The negotiation course was extremely useful and helpful. Being an artists manager, I find myself in negotiations on a weekly basis, and knowing the best techniques in how to approach these in a confident and calm & collected manner has enabled me to gain more confidence within these situations. It was great to be able to practice different negotiation scenarios throughout the course, so I can then implement these techniques/approaches in real life negotiations. I highly recommend this course.

Maria Torres, Artist Manager

Just wanted to say a big thank you. Biggest learnings were anchoring, being direct and firm, and some sterling advice from Andrew on dealing with slippery characters! Was a really useful and fun course.

Helena Antoniades, Artist Manager