Supercharged business affairs support for the modern music industry.

Our unique way of managing paperwork, collaboratively and transparently, is being embraced by some of the most forward thinking teams in music.

Whether you need to call on these services from time-to-time, or all the time, we have flexible and cost effective solutions to suit your business. Recent work includes:

Case Studies

An overwhelming volume of producer agreements to process.

We fully integrate with the business affairs team of the major label, to provide streamlined process to draft, issue, negotiate and conclude hundreds of producer agreements over the past 5 years. Completion times are hugely reduced and core in house business affairs team are freed up to focus on high value transactions, whilst retaining full oversight and transparency over outsourced producer agreement work.

A lack of capacity in short-term, due to staff changes.

We provided transitional support for inhouse business affairs team, during period of change within their department – in doing so, the incumbent business affairs team adopts many of the working practices (kanban based workflow) which the new team now successfully integrate into their working practice.

Requires simple, easy to understand templated agreements.

We provide bespoke suite of affordable and user friendly agreements, which the label can tailor to their own needs, covering: recording agreements (for singles/Eps/albums) producer deals/synch licences/ sample clearances. We remain on hand for more novel queries, but the label is given the confidence it needs to draft and issue their own paperwork in many instances.

A management company with an A-list roster of producers, who negotiate most deals in-house, require additional, cost effective help and expertise on a variety of matters each month.

We establish a standing relationship, in which we can provide swift, detailed mark-ups of more complex agreements where necessary, or are on-call to answer specific novel queries as they arise. All within a simple, monthly capped cost.

A ground-breaking label and content library, whose contractual process is extremely well honed, and to a large extent automated, still finds that there is an all too human element of managing individual queries on contracts or dealing with novel changes to agreements on a case by case basis.

We fully integrate with their processes and systems, to provide rapid and responsive business affairs expertise and support, whilst not slowing down the efficient systems which they label has already put in place.

The short film below explains how our process works, and how it might help your business.

Patrick Dunn Alice Keegan @ etandund Dave Okumu
Alex Arcoleo

They are innovative thinkers befitting the modern music industry and has an music-centred outlook second to none.

Black Acre

Hoare Associates has really helped us to streamline the Legal side of Synch licensing and the service we provide to our Synch clients

Warp Music Publishing

Hoare Associates have been incredibly helpful in helping support the growth of Naim Records through their extensive knowledge and personable approach.

Naim Records

As the Anjuna brand has grown over the last 10 years, Hoare Associates has played a vital part, providing smart and wide ranging legal support, and most importantly imparting some rare common sense


We offer simple tailored monthly costs caps, as well as initial free trial periods.

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