We are a modern legal and business affairs consultancy - providing specialised advice and representation to exceptional artists and organisations working in music.

No song and dance. We approach all of our clients’ affairs with courtesy, tenacity and good humour. We believe that these traits are often the most reliable tools we can use to get your deals done on time, with a minimum of fuss.

The mumbo. Unjumboed. We untangle the complex, creating agreements which are simple to understand and easy to work with. Leaving you with the time and peace of mind to get on with the more creative aspects of your work. 

Digital service, analogue values. We use collaborative technology, to share information with you about things like costs, and the progress of your paperwork. We believe openness and transparency help us to build trust and work more closely with you.

Bills, bills, bills. We don’t charge for initial consultations. We’ll always agree on costs parameters before we start work. We work on a simple fixed fee basis wherever possible. We provide full, transparent breakdowns of any time we spend working on your matters.

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Richard Hoare
Francesca Badowska
Sophie Day
Ridley Waterhouse
We are pleased to be able to commit some of our time, know-how and resources to working with some remarkable organisations, each of which are doing amazing things for the independent music community.
The Association For Electronic Music is the trade association for those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Music. Richard Hoare sits on AFEM's executive board, and chairs it's governance committee.
The Association for Independent Music is a trade body established in 1999 to provide a collective voice for the UK’s independent music industry. Hoare Associates are proud to support AIM, via it's "Friends of AIM" scheme.
Independent Label Market
The Independent Label Market provides pop-up venues across the globe for independent record labels to sell their products to the public. Hoare Associates proudly partners with ILM's Bristol event.
Sound Industry
Sound Industry is a new music conference to challenge and inspire individuals working across all aspects of the vibrant musical landscape of Bristol and beyond.
Choir With No Name
CWNN provides choirs for people affected by homelessness. We have been involved with the choir for over 7 years in some form or another, and continue to support the incredibly good work which they do through music.
The Cheese & Grain
A community and arts venue in the heart of rural Somerset, C&G plays host to up and coming local talent, as well as the likes of Robert Plant, Billy Bragg and the Foo Fighters. Richard sits on the board of trustees.